House Investigation into Biden Family Business Dealings Reveals Links to China

The House of Representatives is currently investigating the business dealings of the Biden family, with a focus on connections to China. Rep. James Comer (R-KY) discussed the ongoing investigation with Maria Bartiromo, host of “Sunday Morning Futures,” providing insights into the findings, including bank records and evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

According to Rep. Comer, when President Biden served as vice president during the Obama administration, he made multiple trips to China, accompanied by his son Hunter and several associates. In addition, meetings with individuals the president claimed never met were held in various locations. These findings cast doubt on the president’s previous statements regarding his involvement in such matters.

Former associates of Hunter Biden have revealed that the Biden family agreed to help China gain access to certain opportunities. A message found on Hunter’s laptop further highlights this relationship. In the message, Hunter expressed frustration with a business partner in China, stating that he had done everything they had ever asked of him, with no reciprocal actions. A $3 million wire transfer was sent to the Robinson Walker account within a few weeks of this message. The next day, the money was distributed to Hunter and at least two other family members.

The evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop suggests he had ongoing communications and interactions with these Chinese partners while his father was vice president. The House investigation examines these connections; further developments are anticipated in the coming weeks.

This revelation raises significant concerns, as the White House has not been transparent about these matters since the beginning. Rep. Comer suggests that the White House likely did not anticipate the discovery of bank records related to these transactions. He warns that this is only the start, as the investigation is expected to uncover even more bank records in the future.

As new evidence comes to light, the White House may be forced to reevaluate its stance and explain the substantial sums of money the Biden family has received from foreign adversaries. In addition, the ongoing investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings with China raises questions about transparency and potential conflicts of interest, which will likely remain in the spotlight as more information emerges.

New revelations from the House investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings have uncovered links to China, raising concerns about transparency and potential conflicts of interest. Rep. James Comer (R-KY) warns that this is just the beginning. More bank records are expected to be discovered, forcing the White House to address the millions of dollars received by the Biden family from foreign adversaries.

James Comer excitedly looked at Hunter Biden's laptop.

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