Popeyes Sweetens Up Their Menu with Strawberry Biscuits and Brings Back Fan-Favorite Items

Exciting news for Popeyes fans! The famous fast-food chain is spicing up its menu with a new dessert item – Strawberry Biscuits. Additionally, they are bringing back a fan-favorite item to cater to their loyal customers. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the details of these scrumptious additions and what you can expect when you visit Popeyes.

Introducing the Strawberry Biscuits

First things first, let’s talk about the latest dessert sensation: the Strawberry Biscuits. This delightful treat combines Popeyes’ iconic buttery biscuits with the sweet, fruity flavor of ripe strawberries. According to Amy Alarcon, the vice president of Culinary Innovation, the Strawberry Biscuits are the perfect addition to any meal, offering a touch of sweetness to balance out the savory dishes.

Available for a limited time at participating restaurants nationwide, the Strawberry Biscuits come with different pricing options. You can get one biscuit for $1.79, two for $2.99, or a pack of four for $5.39. So, next time you visit Popeyes, make sure to try this mouthwatering dessert.

The New Family Feast Menu

In addition to the Strawberry Biscuits, Popeyes is also introducing a new Family Feast menu offering. This meal is perfect for those days when you want to enjoy a hearty meal with your family or friends. The Family Feast includes six pieces of Popeyes chicken, two chicken sandwiches, two large sides, and biscuits. You can choose between classic and spicy flavors, with the starting price set at $29.99.

The Return of the Big Box

To the delight of many fans, Popeyes has brought back the Big Box with a twist. Now, customers can customize their Big Box with either the new eight-piece chicken nuggets option or two bone-in chicken pieces. Both options come with two regular sides and one biscuit, all for the price of $6.99. This offer is available at participating restaurants nationwide.

Popeyes is constantly innovating and adding new items to its menu, keeping its customers excited and satisfied. The Strawberry Biscuits, the new Family Feast menu offering, and the return of the Big Box are just a few examples of how Popeyes is catering to the ever-evolving tastes of its clientele. So, if you’re craving some delicious fast food with a touch of sweetness, head to your local Popeyes and indulge in these delightful menu additions!

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